2 - 4 - 5 - 8 colors machines with dispersion coatings and dryers system.
Offset printing:
- Digital printing: small size (A3+) and large sizes (up to 1,5 m wide).
Cost-effective production for very short runs and variable data, on media up to 300 gsm. The digital color printing system produce results similar to those achieved in offset.
- Offset printing: from 2 up to 5 colors machines with dispersion coatings and dryer system.
New 8 colors machine
Led UV  drying system.
Outstanding quality in short, medium and large runs, size A1+ on media up to 500 gsm.
- Letterpress : 1 or 2 colors (A4+)
On media over 500 gsm  
Dispersion coating and dryers system
Heidelberg SM52LX & SM52/2
Offset machines
Heidelberg CD74LX
Heidelberg XL 106 Led UV